Ecotecnica Europe Srl

Who We Are

Machinery and equipment
for waste recycling and environment protection.

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Ecotecnica Europe S.r.l. manufactures and sells machinery and equipment for waste recycling and environment protection. Born in 1998, Ecotecnica Engineering is a young dynamic company that established itself in a short time thanks to the twenty-year experience of its partners and to the partnership established with Italian and foreign companies that successfully operate in this area. According to the latest government regulations that are increasingly aimed at protecting the environment through the almost full recovery of consumer durables, this sector has become one of the mainstays of the world economy in the immediate present and in the near future, both at the national and international level.

It is precisely for this reason that our company does not just sell a wide range of machinery and equipment, but it also takes continuous effort to maintain high customer satisfaction levels: in fact, it supplies reliable and high-quality products as well as support services, routine and extraordinary maintenance and repairs, and technical advice. All of this is possible thanks to our deep knowledge of the sector, our highly qualified personnel who are specialized in the design and receive constant technology updates. This condition ensures that the machinery and equipment provided by our Company are customized based on clients’ specific business needs.

Main Areas:

Ferrous metal treatment

• Shear balers
• Portable or ground shear balers and balers
• Alligator shears

Other activities

• Equipment for grinding rubber and/or plastic coated electrical wires
• Industrial shredders for shredding plastic materials, metal containers, tires, and bulky waste
• Grinders, pre-grinders, mills, granulators, air and water separating tables, conveyor belts

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Second-hand Machines

Our company also sells first quality second-hand machines, accurately selected and revised by our expert technicians.